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This web site is a platform for the pratical E-learning of Bioinformatics, principally, Next Generation Sequencing. The web site content includes a set of core public practical tutorials using case study examples to provide comprehensive training for Next Generation Sequencing data processing and analysis.

The tutorials on this site are broken down to tabbed sections, which consist of: black coloured information text, red coloured action text i.e. command line, green for important links, and blue coloured text, which represents computer output.

It's important to start by reading through the Trimmomatic tool section which discusses the importance of knowing whether your data is Phred33 or Phred64 encoded.

Note 1: The content of this website is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate and is the opinion of the author and thus subject to review. The user is recommended to reflect and question everything, just as one would if performing an experiment or reading a published article. Any improvements or suggestions can be forwarded to the below address using the subject of 'NGS', although please note I am unlikely to respond to general bioinformatics questions, they should be posted on websites such as http://seqanswers.com/ or http://www.biostar.org/


Note 2: The tutorials will be available in pdf format sometime in 2014 from http://elvis.ccc.cranfield.ac.uk/CUBELP/ along with any other pdf tutorials I find, which currently include: GWAS and the use of Clustal Omega for protein structure research. Any updates to the current tutorials are likely to implemented on CUBELP2 whereas the pdf files will not without a request from users.

Although these tutorials have been made public they are technically the property of Cranfield University and should not be used for commercial purposes. Please contact me if you would like to use them beyond personal use and I will enquire with the University.

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Dr Robert King