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This web site is a platform for the pratical E-learning of Bioinformatics, principally, Next Generation Sequencing. The web site content includes a set of core public practical tutorials using case study examples to provide comprehensive training for Next Generation Sequencing data processing and analysis. Tutorials can be submitted to new groups but only if you are admin of that group. If you are a member of a group then you can start or review any tutorials held within that group. Contributions are welcomed and encouraged from the bioinformatics community.


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Disclaimer: This website was adapted from the CHRIS project submitted to Cranfield University by Tomasz Kurowski, Ruth Stoney, Simon Williams, Rory Orr, and Gerald Barnes, kindly donated to the creator of this website to be used as required. I would in particular like to thank Tomasz for his correspondence and as the main programmer of the website of which I adapted for this project.